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FRANK ROSGAARD: I have been working with visuals and marketing as an photographer, Filmmaker and as a SoMe consultant/Content creator since 2013. I started my career as salesman, but quickly found my way into the creative business. Through my bachelor’s degree in Multiplatform Storytelling and Production, I’ve been specialized in both Storytelling on modern media platforms and in camerawork and editing. It's a new era i creating visual content and it’s exciting to see how developments/advancement in the digital world are affecting the way we tell stories. Thats why i like to have a personal conversation with the Artists, communites, brands, etc. i'm working with. I think it's much easier to create something grand and unique, if we work together and use each others skills.


- I work with all areas in a visual production. 

 - from idea, preproduction, production and postproduction -

Idea/analyse/strategy, Concept development, Content creation, Exposure/Online implementation.

My work has mostly been commercials and spanded over several platforms such as

TV commercials, YouTube ads, Banner ads, Facebook ads and advertising on Instagram through both posts and stories

Some of the brands and artists i've been working with: Coolshop.dk, COOP danmark,

Northside, Lars Lilholt Band, Claus Holm, Steven WIlson, Katatonia, FAKTA,  Schouw & Co, Vestbo trio, Migatronic, The broken Beats, Marco Minnnemann, Irma, X-leasing, Randers Tegl.

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